Astronomy By Day Astronomy By Day

During the day immerse yourself in our outback stargazing theatre and challenge your knowledge of people in space, our Solar System, distant stars & meteorites.
Its fun, it’s interesting and well worth a trip to Queensland’s Outback.


  • Although touring the night sky and viewing stars and clusters through our telescopes is a highlight and great experience there is lots of astronomy and space related activities that can be done during the day.
  • Astronomy By Day is suitable for all ages – families welcome, kids love it
  • See our collection of meteorites and hold a piece of a four billion year old shooting star in your hand whilst you learn about how the earth has been bombarded throughout its history with meteors and material from space.
  • Learn from our experienced guides and hold and examine tektites, Libyan Glass, iron and other meteorites from our collection.     
  • Learn about how things were “Written in the Stars” with information about Nostradamus’s predictions and the Mayan Calendar to name just a couple.
  • Our “Ancient Stargazer” area explains what the Egyptians, Chinese, and other different cultures of the world believed about the changing cycle of the stars.
  • Our newly opened “Cosmos Shuttle” area provides a wealth of interactive displays and information about space, astronauts and space travel including:
    • A space timeline of our history of space exploration
    • How astronauts live in space, what they eat, how they exercise and even how they go to the toilet in zero gravity.
    • A brief video history of the life of Astronaut Scott Kelly and how he became a real life Astronaut working as part of NASA.
    • How animals like dogs, monkey’s, spiders and insects have all had a role in the development of our space programs and provided vital information for travelling and living in space.
    • Learn about the different sounds of space; hear the sun, Saturn’s rings and Jupiter. Relive, or hear for the first time, some of those monumental milestones of our space exploration including Neil Armstrong’s famous words upon stepping onto the lunar surface and the “Message from the Human Race and Earth” that is embedded in the “Voyager 1 and Voyager 2” probes that are now some 40 years after being launched just leaving our solar system on their journey into interstellar space.
    • Spend time exploring, playing and learning about space, stars, planets and how things work out there on our specially setup IPads – a real attraction for the kids.
  • Have a rest and relax in our “Stargazing in the Outback” theatre where there a several movies playing continuously. 
    • Learn about how digital technology and satellites have enhanced our modern world and some of the advances in medical technology and in our day to day lives generally that have been a direct result of our innovation and development of space related technology.
    • Jump into the future and see how in our desire to go further into the cosmos we must find other sources to replenish our fuels and energy needs so that we can travel vast distances and survive for long periods of time in space.  Learn how perhaps developing technology to mine Asteroids may be the answer we are looking for.