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Coffee With A Cop: 2 July 2019

What a great idea, an initiative of Lifeline Darling Downs & South West working with Charleville Police. Come and enjoy Coffee with a Cop. Get to know the Police in Charleville

Prebash Nutbush Warm Up: 12 July 2019

Prebash Nutbush Warm Up at the Charleville 'Half Way There' Shingdig 6:30pm July 12th at the Main Stage. Wills Street, Charleville  

Worlds Longest Damper Attempt: 13 July 2019

Worlds Longest Damper Attempt. Bring the record back to Charelville Australia! 

Guitar Lessons: 14 July 2019

Guitar Lessons. All levels catered for beginners welcome. Experienced musician teacher and live performer Nathan Walmsley. 

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Night Telescope Observatory Session

What the eye cannot see, a telescope can!

This evening presentation is something special and serves as a perfect introduction to the spectacular Outback Night Sky over Charleville. Learning about everything from constellations to amazing scientific facts, there is something for every one of all ages.

  • On a moonless night you will see the thick white Milky Way in all its glory as it stretches effortlessly across a sky with more stars than your eyes can count.
  • Or special observatory is truly unique with the roof rolling clear, allowing the majesty of the night sky to be enjoyed.
  • A 14” telescope is used to strip away the distance to far away objects, allowing you to see objects such as nebulae, open clusters, globular clusters, planets and so much more.

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