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Audio Heritage Trail
There's history at every turn in Charleville. Dating back to 1845, it's history that couldn't be more colourful. It's filled with wartime secrets, early rainmaking experiments, transportation initiatives and more. Available to in audio CD format, the trail is beautifull narrated to you by those who know this hisotry best, 'Charleville Local'. 

Charleville Visitor Information Centre
Railway Station, King St
07 4654 3057 


Buy a Birdsville Burger
Travel with Outback Air tours for a unique day tour from Charleville to Birdsville. Fly over wide brown land, visit Birdsville Pub and enjoy an Outback size burger.

07 4654 3033

Cobb & Co Changeover Station Trail
Did you know it was in Charleville that Cobb & Co Coaches had their largest and longest running coach making factory? Follow in their footsteps and learn of the local stories on the new Charleville Cobb & Co Changeover Stations trail.

Historic House Museum
Alfred St
07 4654 3349


School of Distance Education Tour
51 Imagine going to school in a 420,000sq km classroom and you only got to see your classmates face to face a handful of times each years. This is everyday life for the children in the outback. This tour will show you firsthand how children on remote properties receive their education originally via two way radio and today via the internet and web conferencing. 

Parry Street
07 4656 8999


4WD Motel Accommodated Tag A Long Tour
7 night/7 day Fully Inclusive Motel Accommodated Tour Package. 
Birdsville, Innamincka & Corner Country
Let Graham & Deb show you some great parts of the outback where they have guided tours for many years. The driving is not extreme and they will be there to help you along the way. Visit the website for details. Tours cater for non-smokers only. Tour starts in Charleville and free caravan parking is available whilst you're away on tour. 

0428 545 954