Night Telescope Observatory Session Night Telescope Observatory Session


The evening presentation at the Cosmos Centre is a delight. Take a tour of our spectacular Outback Night Sky.

  • See such things as star clusters, planets, nebulae and learn about the Milky Way and how we fit into the Solar System.
  • Our special observatory is unique, an entire roof is rolled off to reveal the sky as you have never seen before.
  • Our experienced guides take you on a journey through the Cosmos. Share their Knowledge and see the universe like you have never seen it before.

We love star gazing and we want you to love it too; book early – we often book out.
PLEASE BE AWARE: These tours cannot operate when there is inclement weather. Dress warmly April – September.


  • Tour of the night sky looking through 4 large Meade telescopes housed in our observatory
  • No experience or prior knowledge required
  • Suitable for all ages – families welcome
  • Group, concession and family rates are available
  • The entire roof moves off the observatory to enable horizon to horizon viewing of the night sky
  • Experienced local guides point out constellations and explain planets, stars, clusters, nebula and galaxies in easy to understand  everyday terms and assist as you view objects through the telescopes
  • In a normal session you can expect to look at approximately 5 of the best seasonal objects in the sky and this may include a combination of both solar system and galaxy phenomena.
  • Group bookings and specific sessions can be arranged on request (bus tours, schools, clubs, etc).
  • Takes approximately one hour
  • Operates all year round (weather permitting)