Charleville Botanic Reserve

In the semi-arid Mulga Lands, an easy 15 km drive south of Charleville, this 2,000 ha reserve contains most of the region’s major vegetation types.

Take a drive or walk and read the informative signage as you pass through the diverse plant communities. Travel from spinifex to heath and mulga forest, through a gidgee swamp, over a sand ridge to the mixed floodplain with poplar box, and alongside the cypress pine communities fringing the Warrego River. It’s a nature lover’s delight.

Spectacular in spring when desert myrtle surrounds the first part of your drive in a sea of deep pink. Good for bird watching.
Camping not permitted.
Pets only on a leash.

2WD to 1.5 km after that 4WD for the remainder of the 28.5 km self-guided drive.
Reserve may be closed after rain.
Please ask at the Charleville Visitor Information Centre, situated in the Charleville Railway Station, for directions and road conditions and pick up a brochure.

Please enjoy your time at the Charleville Botanic Reserve and respect this special place by keeping to the marked tracks and taking your rubbish home. Mobile reception is not available at the reserve.

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