Affectionately known as ‘Meat Ant Country’, this little town with a big heart has everything from serene fishing spots to non-stop action at their annual Easter Weekend.

Packed in pioneer history, Augathella was home and stomping ground to notorious bushrangers, the Kenniff Brothers and owes its very existence to the bullock teams that camped along the Warrego all those years ago.

Pop into Boadicea Gallery & Cinema to view an exhibition of heritage photographs and watch the 1956 movie ‘Smiley’ (based upon a local identity) or wander around town and look at the wonderfully rustic wrought iron sculptures and murals that line the main street.

If you’re looking for a dose of fair dinkum outback hospitality, Augathella is the place to be!

Augathella Meat Ant Park

Enjoy the gardens and storyboards of Meat Ant Park. The giant sculpture is over a million times the size of the actual ant.

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Augathella Flood Markers

These markers tell the story of the biggest flood in the history of this region.

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Augathella Experience

Nestled in the heart of Augathella, the newly constructed Augathella Experience immerses visitors in rich history and captivating tales.

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Augathella Skate Park

The Augathella Skate Park is located at Meat Ant Park, next door to the town library.

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Smiley Mural Augathella

Augathella is the home of ‘Smiley’, the Australian film that tells the story of a young boy determined to buy a bicycle for four pounds.

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Augathella Wrought Iron Sculptures and Street Murals

Follow the Heritage Trail and discover painted murals, silo art and unique wrought iron sculptures dotted around Augathella.

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Augathella Boadicea Gallery & Cinema

This cultural hub hosts art exhibitions and displays a permanent photographic exhibition of over 150 Heritage Photos.

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Augathella Water Tower Mural

This bright and colourful water tower represents the town of Augathella which has a colourful & unique history full of Bullock Teams and notorious bushrangers

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Augathella Kenniff Tree

A detailed history of, notorious bushrangers and cattle duffing brother’s, Patrick and James Kenniff is displayed at the magnificent Coolibah tree, the Kenniff Tree.

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Augathella Q150 Shed

The shed has come to rest permanently in Augathella and is used as a community function and entertainment centre.

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