Cooladdi, the little town that once was, is a genuine outback relic. Featuring ‘The Foxtrap’, the single grave of a little girl and a train station platform awaiting trains that will never come, its ‘town’ status is a little on the generous side.

In days gone by, Cooladdi (meaning black duck) was a bustling railway town with a population of 270 that supported a butcher, school, police station, post office and boarding house. As you wander over to the old townsite, you’ll see the huge bottle trees where the school once stood, a cairn in memory of Dorothy and Wilfred Brooks OAM, and an old country hall proudly guarded by ‘Slim’s Hut’. Just down the road, Quilberry Creek is the perfect spot to set up camp, throw in a line and try your luck catching some yabbies.

The star of Cooladdi today? The famous Cooladdi Foxtrap - an all-in-one store, pub, and post office. This popular attraction is the perfect spot to stop for cold one. Try the Cooladdi King Burger, let the locals regale you with stories that will have you chuckling for days, and don’t forget to ask about how The Foxtrap got its name.

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