Wings on the Warrego


Wings on the Warrego is set to host a variety of aviation events, catering to a broad audience with diverse interests. From an exhilarating airshow for enthusiasts to a career expo providing pathways into the industry, the event will also showcase cutting-edge drone technology through an engaging drone educational display.

Throughout the festival, they aim to inspire individuals of all ages to explore opportunities within the aviation industry, contributing to the development of regional careers.

Simultaneously, they strive to introduce new avenues for the agricultural sector, creating a meaningful impact on the community.

Located in the aviation-rich setting of Charleville, the event will not only celebrate the town's historical significance but also provide a family-friendly atmosphere, fostering a sense of community engagement.

Families can anticipate a captivating experience that blends entertainment, education, and the spirit of aviation in a way that resonates with both young and old.

Location & Directions

  QANTAS DRIVE, Charleville, Queensland, 4470 QANTAS DRIVE, Charleville, Queensland, 4470

2024-09-27 10:00:00
2024-09-29 10:00:00