Halfway There Shindig


There’s an Outback Queensland knees-up with your name on it. You'll find the Halfway There Shindig in Charleville, halfway to Birdsville's Big Red Bash! See The Predators, Robbie Mortimer and more...

There’s an Outback Queensland knees-up with your name on it, The Halfway There Shindig, and you’ll find it in the largest town of the Murweh Shire, Charleville.

This outback town sits at the crossroads of the Mitchell and Warrego Highways, making it the central point of the Outback Queensland compass, whether you’re coming from the east or driving back from the west.

The festival was born after travellers got skittish on their way to the Birdsville Big Red Bash and found their answer in throwing a party – the Halfway There Shindig.

Halfway to the Big Red Bash? Halfway to the border? Halfway to Christmas?


What started as a few beers in the pub with a couple of guests cheers-ing the fact they’ve made it halfway to the Birdsville Big Red Bash has now turned into an event drawing crowds from all over Queensland.

Set for Saturday 2 July 2022, the Halfway There Shindig is a triple act of music, food, dancing, and is suitable for the whole family.

The event kicks off at 4:00pm Saturday with your favourite local food trucks and cold beverages from the bar.


Headlining the epic musical event is The Predators, iconic Brisbane band made up of the original line up of Powderfinger!

Listen to country classics from Robbie Mortimer and the boys as well as our very own CSHS Band.

Richie Lawton is returning home and swinging by to give us a glimpse of the didgeridoo and DJ Curley will be closing out the night with some dancefloor bangers.

If music isn't your thing then come for the food trucks, markets & bar!

Grab your tickets here for Charleville's answer to a Big Red Bash pre-party!