Augathella Cemetery - Off Jane St

Outback Cemeteries are always interesting. As you walk around you get the feeling of the pioneering days when life was tough.

Augathella Diggers Easter Rodeo & Races - Main St

Experience a great outback Easter weekend of Rodeo and Horse Racing. The Augathella Diggers Rodeo and Race Meeting should be on your list of things to enjoy. 

Augathella Heritage Trail - Various locations

It's not until you take the time to walk Augathella's self-guided heritage trail that you discover the rich and diverse history of the town, its bushrangers, bullockies and the huge sheep stations that all played a part in Augathella's development.

Augathella Murals - Main St

Augathella's murals celebrate the history of the town, from the great sheep stations of the west to the famous 1950s movie 'Smiley'. The character is based on a local boy growing up in Augathella. For further information on the murals or more about Augathella, visit the Augathella Library.  

Kenniff Tree - Cnr Jane & Cavanagh St

Many towns lay claim to a bushranger or two. Augathella is no exception as it was here at this tree the notorious Kenniff Brothers would tether their horses when planning a quick getaway.   

Meat Ant Park & Giant Meat Ant Sculpture - Main St

Why name a park after a Meat Ant you ask? Augathella's local football team, known as the Mighty Augathella Meat Ants, were fearless in their attack against their opponANTS. This earned the town the nickname, 'Meat Ant Country'. Features of the park include landscaped gardens, picnic table, story boards of Augathella History, adventure playground and let's not forget the GIGANTIC MEAT ANT SCULPTURE... Over a million times the size on an actual ant! 

Q150 Shed - Main St

In 2009, as part of the Q150 Celebrations, the Queensland Government constructed a shed that would travel the state providing each community it visited with a night of free entertainment. Communities it toured included Mount Isa, Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, Maryborough, Blackall, Augathella, Cherbourgm Warwick, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. The shed has now come to rest permanently in Augathella and is used as a community function and entertainment centre. It's well worth a look through its architecture.

Wrought Iron Sculptures - Main St

Humorous locally made sculptures, some that even feature a famous racehorse and Dancing Broglas. These iconic birds of Australia nestand bring up their young on the Warrego River.