Experience Augathella – ‘Meat Ant Country’ – and the rich history and culture the town provides. Take a stroll through Meat Ant Park located right next door to the town library and Visitor
Information Centre. See the giant Meat Ant Sculpture that is over a million times the size of an actual ant, and while you’re there you can view the story boards located around the park.

Some history on the notorious bushranger brothers Patrick and James Kenniff can be found at the Kenniff tree. The brothers were a part of one of Queensland’s largest manhunts and Patrick Kenniff is believed to be the last bushranger hung in Queensland for his crimes.

View all the amazing Murals along the main street, created by locals to showcase their love for the region and the history and culture of the town. The murals paint scenes of the rural lifestyle
past and present around Augathella, from the great sheep stations through to the 1950s and the story of ‘Smiley’. To show off Augathella’s creativity, the town also displays various Wrought Iron Sculptures, locally made and humorous in nature.

A must see is the Boadicea Gallery and Cinema, where an exhibition of over 150 heritage photos are displayed plus you can also view the 1956 movie ‘Smiley’ based on a local identity.

For some more recent history take a look at the Q150 Shed, Queensland’s most unique entertainment venue. It travelled the state in 2009 providing communities a free night of entertainment. It’s well worth a look to view the architecture behind this travelling structure – travelling to over 12 towns before coming to its final resting place in Augathella.

We're here to help and with so many things to see and do in and around Augathella, Charleville, Morven & Cooladdi, plan your stay for a little longer, as one day is never enough to experience all the Murweh Shire towns have to offer.