Visit the home of the Ooline trees and their black orchids located within the Tregole National Park, only 10km south of Morven. Stay for a picnic or BBQ and take in the wonders of these vulnerable rare trees that straddle the boundary between the Brigalow Belt and the Mulga Lands. The park features a 2.1km circuit track with information boards on plants and wildlife found in the area.

Stay in town and experience the handcrafted Miniature Building Display that took over fifteen years to complete. Situated at the Morven Museum, the display depicts buildings from the 1900s – these mini buildings and their attention to detail are a must see. Also on display is a Kerosene Tin Hut from the 1930s Great Depression. Built by flattened kerosene tins, these huts were common among pensioners during this time as the only accommodation available.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Self-guided Heritage Trail taking you to places such as the Rabbit Board Gate used for rabbit proofing in 1886. In an attempt to stop the rabbits migrating and destroying the land, this fence stretched 47,403km. Gates were constructed over roadways where travellers would have to open the gate and then close upon going through or face a hefty fine up to £50! Another must see in Morven is the Bloodwood ‘Branding Board’. With over 30 marks, this board showcases some brands that have been used for over 100 years in the Morven district.

Take a break at Sadlier’s Waterhole where you can enjoy the serenity of the picturesque red river gums lined along the waterhole which once was a stop over for Cobb & Co Coaches and bullock teams.

Up for more adventure! Visit the Red Sands 2km north of Morven that showcases the vibrant desert sands. The kids can have fun rolling down the hills or you can explore the 4x4 tracks around the area.

We're here to help and with so many things to see and do in and around Morven, Charleville, Augathella & Cooladdi, plan your stay for a little longer, as one day is never enough to experience all the Murweh Shire towns have to offer.